The Meaning of Easter by the Creative Liturgy

1. Palm Sunday: the whole perspective of the sanctuary with mixed feelings of hope from the fresh palm branches, and Jesus' suffering from the red blood drapes.

2. Palm Sunday: the Creative Liturgy's artwork of a candle representing Jesus Christ and the fallen olive branches that people placed on the ground to welcome him.

3. The Lord's Supper: the Creative Liturgy's artwork of the Last Supper with bread and red wine welcomes us to dine with Jesus for the last time.

4. The Lord's Supper - the Altar of Repose after the Last Supper Mass. A solemn night of prayer and weeping with Jesus as we pray for loved ones going through great pain and suffering.

5. Easter Vigil: empty tomb with Jesus' white garment flowing out of the entrance. All candles and decor facing the Altar ready for Jesus at Mass. The golden fire plate with the vine leaves stand is the fire that will light the darkness at the beginning of Mass.

6. Easter Vigil: Jesus' white garment buries the Easter Candle of 2012. On the right are five red nail crosses to remind us of Jesus' five wounds of the Crown of Thorns, the nails on both hands and feet, and the piercing where blood and water flowed out.

7-9. Easter Vigil: the white drapes and the beautiful Australian native floral represents new life here in our country and our parish.

10. Easter Vigil: the four outer candles represent the four evangelists proclaiming Jesus' news of the Resurrection. The three candles in the centre invite us to reflect on Jesus' three days in the tomb, and also can represent the Holy Trinity or image of the Holy Family.

11. Easter Vigil: the rock with two flower stems affirms that there is hope in all things dead and dry.

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