Retreat Reunion

A blessed chance reunion during the Clergy Retreat as Father Dat met with parish priests, Father Jim Petry (appointed at St. Peter’s 1981-1990) and Father Vincent Conroy (1991-1994) at the St. John of God Retreat Centre in Shoalwater on September 11. Father Dat encountered Father Jim and in their discussions Father Jim reminisced he still remember Bedford very well. He talked about Archbishop Goody, and how the Archbishop would encourage his fellow priests to speak with him if they wanted to move into a new parish. And so Father Jim approached Archbishop Goody and said “In three years time I would like to move to another parish.” In a week’s time he received a letter from the Archbishop saying that he would be moving. And that is how Father Jim concluded his services as parish priest with us. Let us pray for Father Jim who is now retired and Father Vincent who is at our neighbouring parish, Our Lady’s Assumption in Dianella.

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