St. Peter’s Maintenance Project

St Peter’s Church has been undergoing roof and ceiling maintenance in preparation for its 50th birthday in 2014. Our thanks to the generous supporters for their contributions to the project. If you would like to help with the restoration costs, we would be grateful for your donation. Building Fund envelopes are available in the back of the Church which can be placed in the second collection at Mass, or you may forward your donation by cheque to the parish office. Please note that by law, donations to the Church are unfortunately not tax-deductible.

While the Church is undergoing maintenance, from Tuesday November 6 2012 Masses will be held at St Peter’s Hall through to perhaps late February 2013, please check our bulletins for further updates.

Pictures of the Church ceiling which is undergoing restoration below.

The roof was completed in September 2012. Pictures of the old roof;

and St. Peter’s restored new roof.

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